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Disposable Tube/Grip 1″ – Vision


Vision Tube & Grip Sets

Our Vision Tube & Grip Sets are better than ever! To prevent unwanted movement, the tubes are now embossed and welded inside tighter grips. A new inner air pocket cushions the wide grips, which are made from ringed, textured rubber that absorbs vibrations and allows for a relaxed-yet-secure grasp.  Plus, as always, you can clearly see your needles and ink through Vision’s transparent tubes and tips!

What You Get With Each Box: 25 sterile, disposable sets of clear 1″ tattoo tubes with wide, relaxed-grasp grips. The overall length of each grip is 4” (100mm) and the tube diameter is 7.8mm.

Benefits of Our Vision Tattoo Tubes:

  • Clear tubes/tips provide optimal visibility.
  • Textured rubber grips prevent slips.
  • No-spin tubes are welded to the grips.
  • Grips are air-cushioned for comfort.
  • Sets are disposable and E.O. gas-sterilized.
  • Available with round (RT), flat (FT) or diamond tips (VT).