Grip Tape / Cohesive Wrap


Cohesive Wrap 5cm Pink Camo


Cohesive wrap is a self-adhering wrap that sticks to itself but not to the skin, hair or dressings.It is great for use to wrap tattoo grips/machines for comfort and better grip.
Each bandage is individually wrapped so that it is protected until used.  Each roll measures 5cm wide by 4.5m  long when stretched (Please Note: If not stretched it measures 2 metres long).
  • Self-adherent: Sticks to itself but not to skin, hair or dressings.
  • Porous, lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Each Roll is individually wrapped
  • Rolls measures 5cm wide by 4.5 metres long when stretched
  • Latex Free
Colour Pink Camo
1 Individual Roll

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