Lady V’s Miracle Mist Tattoo Aftercare 50ml


This product is 100% Australian Made and contains 5 natural ingredients all sourced in Australia.

  • Emu Oil
  • Manuka Honey
  • Calendula Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Chamomile Water

Lady V’s Miracle Mist Tattoo Aftercare is easy to apply and absorbs quickly, no mess no fuss, just hold the bottle 20cm away from the tattooed area, spray it on lightly, leave alone to disperse, absorb and heal.

Lady V’s Miracle Mist is also great for tattoo artists to use while tattooing and well as great for assisting in the healing of tattoo laser removal.

Lady V’s Miracle Mist is leading the way in Australian Tattoo Aftercare. This an all natural Tattoo Mist which is easy to apply & assists in the healing & protection of a new tattoo. Lady V’s Miracle Mist can be used by tattoo artists during the tattooing process to reduce swelling & redness and is recommended to the client as the perfect hands free hygienic way to take care of your tattoo during the healing process.

WASH DRY SPRAY Twice A Day With 2 Squirts In Between.

Lady V’s Miracle Mist actually speeds up the healing time by a third & retains ink for maximum colour vibrancy. The results speak for themselves. Lady V’s Miracle Mist is eliminating the risk of cross-contamination that can happen with other tattoo after care products on the market DUE to the unique Atomizer Pump Action Application method. The body heat & the heat of the new tattoo, disperses the product & absorbs quickly, leaving a thin proactive layer of wax that prevents dust & sweat invading the tattoo. Australian Made


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