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Disposable Tube/Grip 1 Inch


INKFLOW 1″ Silicone Grip , Sold by Box of 20pcs.


  • ROUND TIP – For Shaders & Liners
  • DIAMOND TIP – For Liners
  • FLAT / MAGNUM TIP – For Mags & Flats

Tip and Tubes:

  • The tubes are made from clear, fully transparent plastic which allows artists to view needles and colours easily.
  • The thin profile tip minimizes the distance between the needle and skin.
  • The tube tip edges are clean and precise.
  • Smooth Contour creates best ink flow and holds more ink.

Silicone Grip:

  • The Silicone Grip is molded directly on the tube to prevent any “Slipping” problem during tattooing.
  • Large, Soft and Ergonomic Silicone Grip help to reduce hand fatigue in tattooing.

Blister Packing and Pre-sterile

Inkflow Disposable Tubes are packaged in blister packs, and pre-sterilized by E.O. Gas.